Deutscher Karikaturenpreis 2010

The "Deutsche Karikaturenpreis" (German Cartoon Price) is the by far the greatest thing in the German cartoon community. This year for the first time two of my cartoons was accepted for the exhibition, which also means that I was invited to Dresden were the awards ceremony took place in the theatre of Dresden.
The prize was awarded for the past 11 years by the Saxon newspaper, the topic of this year's competition was:
Now more than ever! (Jetzt erst recht!)
The winning cartoon is Rudi Hurzlmeier's Church from Behind (Kirche von hinten. Second and third prizes went to Hauck and Bauer and MOCK, respectively. Reiner Schwalbe was awarded for lifetime's achievement.
The Audience Award 2009, which was established during last year's exhibition, went to Tetsche.

The ceremony took place in Dresden Theatre. Besides the very successful laudations of actor Tom Pauls I was most impressed by the music of the trio Greg Pattillo & Project of New York. A beatboxing flutist accompanied by bass and cello: this sounds not only for something different, this sounds really good. I watched a few Greg Pattillop-Videos on YouTube but unfortunately the videos don't reach the presence of the live performance. Hence, who has the chance to see Greg Pattillo & Project live on stage should seize the opportunity.

The exhibition of the contest is currently shown in the House of Press (Haus der Presse) in Dreden and will be shown during the year 2011 in various cities in the distribution area of the Saxon newspaper.
In the exhibition in Dresden my cartoons hang just above two contributions by Ralf Ruthe provoking an astonished hand shaking by colleague mil (AKA Ioannis Milionis AKA Yabba).

The by all means great weekend was topped by Saint Peter who donated for November incredible 17C and plenty of sunshine.