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Server Problems

Due to major problems with the Server I can′t upload any images. Funny, this is only true for the folder where the English version of the cartoons are stored. Feel free to view the German versions on

German Cartoons Award

The Deutsche Karikaturenpreis (German Cartoons Award) is the award with the biggest prize money for cartoonists and is awarded annually. Accordingly, entries from known and unknown illustrators are numerous each year. Two of my three submitted cartoons made it to the final round and so I was invited for the awards ceremony in Dresden (Saxony). The Sächsische Zeitung (Saxon newspaper) made it a huge event: it was well organized, generously sponsored, culturally valuable (especially the evening Cartoonist-Stammtisch ...), and especially interesting because of the many new cartoonists I met. Even the accompanying book for the exhibition was finished and was ready to purchase, look here for a quick glimpse, it is a nice present. Read my report on the event here. Greetings to all who I met there, I′ll try again next year for profound amusements, erm, discussions.

KuK 2010

Uncertain whether I should accept an invitation to the exhibition of the KuK 2010, the announcement of the organizers to set up a viewing for the quarterfinal against Argentina, made quite a stir in me. So I then decided to attend the award ceremony and the additional Gaymann exhibition. It went all smoothly until the proclamation of the winners, then began a tempest which changed the hitherto almost completely dried up river to a rapid stream within half an hour. An incredible experience. Well, after that the TV watching suffered because of technical problems. We then looked for a bar, where we could watch the soccer game vs Argentina. But they were badly organized and didn′t manage to bring our orders. They didn′t get their own TV under control, too. So I listened to the game on the way back on the car radio, which was pretty exciting. Don′t say, cartooning is boring...

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Teddy Tietz Cartoon of the Week 23 - Server moves

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